How to Install Drivers For All LG Smartphone Correctly (Working Fine)


This tutorial we reserved for those who have been not succed to install drivers LG Smartphone on operating system Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 either 32-bit or 64-bit.

To be able to install the drivers LG Smartphone, we must first prepare the following things:
1.    Your LG Smartphone.
2.    USB Data Cable LG.      
3.    Tool or applications issued by LG is B2CAppSetup (LG Mobile Support Tool). You can download this tool from here or LG Official Websites.                            
4.    Internet connection for download the driver from the official websites using LG Mobile support tool.

Installation’s Proccess

Process Installasi Driver Smartphone LG melalui aplikasi LG Mobile Support Tool
Process Installasi Driver Smartphone LG melalui aplikasi LG Mobile Support Tool

After all of the above was prepared, we will go directly to the process of how to install drivers LG smartphone "correctly". Based on the author's experience, the method we are going to do this always works. Hopefully, the same goes with you.
1.    Don’t connect your LG Smartphone to Computer or Notebook
2.    Install LG Mobile Support Tool and connect your Notebook or PC to internet.
Follow the instruction.
3.    Install all drivers obtained from existing instructions when using a LG Mobile Support Tool appropriate type your LG Smartphone.
4.    If all the downloaded drivers have been installed, restart your computer or notebook.
5.    Once the computer or notebook back on, connect your LG smartphone to your computer or notebook using a usb data cable.
6.    The computer will automatically install all the drivers LG Smartphone.
7.    Wait untill the drivers installed.
8.    All Done. Good Luck.

If still confused , maybe a video tutorial on how to install these drivers LG Smartphones can help  you.

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