CyberIndo Diskless, Test Gameplay One of Best Car Racing Games, Insane 2

CYBERINDO is one of the (service) that the focus of the service is to be a partner for internet and / or internet cafe in Indonesia.

This post will not talk further about CYBERINDO, but rather on how one product CYBERINDO this service could be a mainstay for the cafe.

Yes ... with Billing and updater application provided free of charge to the cafe or internet cafe that became partners CYBERINDO Garena, we can be sure will help the owner and / or manager of a cafe in managing his cafe.

One is the addition of the game both offline and online and / or update games online.

Yes ... with just installing a game or a game update on the server, then all client computers will automatically get a game or update the exact same on the server computer.

So ... the owners / managers the cafe will not be bothered with having to install or update the games one by one on the client computer.

As an illustration, we highlight the following video showing gameplay from the game terintall on the server computer and played on the client computer.

The game is tested by kids gamer community are: Arslan The Warriors of Legend

Oh .. yes ... mode used by the cafe's test this gameplay is hybrid mode, the client computer still uses the hard drive is partitioned three, ie C: 39 GB OS, D: 20 GB of cache and E: 14 GB Game ,

To partition E (Games) in the client computer game diisntal not a single one, because all the games will be taken from the server (virtual mode).

For additional information, computer server specification is as follows:

OS Windows 7 64 Bit
Gigabyte mainboard LGA 775 Combo
5800 Dual Core Processor
1500 GB hard drive (with partitions C; 60GB OS, D: 60GB Cache, F: 360 GB Data, Z: 10 GB Backup)
2320 GB hard drive (partition E: with RAID0)
Atheros LAN Card 1 GBps

Swith HUB TP-LINK 100 MBps

Client Computer Specifications:
OS Windows 7 64 Bit
MB Biostar A55MLV FM1
APU AMD 3300 processor (2.5 GHz)
80 GB hard drive
VGA 1 GB, 128 Bit AMD HD 5570
Realtek LAN 100 MBps

Thanks for children who have been testing Gamer community and create a video game that has been played.

And thank you for your assent to enter the game on Channel Gamer Kasomalang to be writing on this post and the next post.

Salam success for all.

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