Flash Nokia C3-00 (English Version)

For those of you who have HP Nokia C3-00 and the HP coincidence problem, such as there are several applications that do not work, maybe this could post of our enlightening and a bit of good news as well.Ok. we started tahapanya.

What is needed:1. Tools and HP as well as drivers for your Nokia, can be found here (required)2. HP Nokia C3-00 for "guinea pigs". If fear is broken, you can borrow a friend had a brother of our friend, and the rich as well or you can get it here. (Fadru 'ain)3. USB cable, for connection to a PC or laptop. (Obligatory 'ain)4. Ship Fire or Moccacino coffee, function let us not thirst ..... (Circumcision)5. Prayer rugs and beads (if we work on flashingnya, after maghrib prayer) - mandatory or circumcision?6. What is around you, be prepared (which is important flash went smoothly) - treatmentApplication Installation steps:1. Install tools (HP Nokia do not always connected to a PC)2. After installation is complete, connect the Nokia C3-00 to your PC or Laptop.3. If the installation is correct, then the Nokia C3 you will be directly detected by the application that you installed earlier on your PC or laptop.Step Flashing:1. Open Nokia Suite 3.7.22, zoom interface will be like this (picture 1)2. Open the toolbar: tools - software update. picture like this (picture 2)3. Then click, then the interface will be like this (picture 3)4. To Nokia Suite it, you do not need anything about them (she's already well-tub only)5. Well ... C3-00 to her, if it has not been updated, just click the update - see the picture below (picture 4). Whereas if it is updated, you can re-install (flash) back (It's for his HP disturbed and sickly). see the picture below (picture 5).Then he would proceed by itself. With stage process, will backup application, sms, contacts, etc.. and continues the process of updating its (C3-00 program update it).

For more details can be seen in the video tutorial hereNote: HP battery must be at least 25 percent, preferably 50% or higher. If less than 25%, Nokia Suite will reject further processing.Thus from our post. I hope that helps. and good luck experimenting.If there is a question there is no shortage of additional of this pstingan you please leave a message.

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